Galaxy S21 Ultra Reported to Support S Pen, But Won’t Ship With One

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Known Samsung leaker IceUniverse reports that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will indeed support Samsung’s S Pen stylus, though, the company doesn’t intend to include one with purchase of the upcoming device and the phone won’t have a built-in slot to house it. In other words, it’s the first Galaxy S device to support the stylus, but that’s about it.

This latest intel differs from what we heard in August from other Samsung insiders. Back then, it was reported the S21 Ultra would indeed ship with an S Pen.

The idea that the phone would launch with support for it, but not ship with one, seems strange. However, don’t put it past companies to find a way to make more money selling accessories. It’s also possible Samsung doesn’t wish to past the cost of the S Pen to base Galaxy S users who maybe don’t intend on using it.

Either way, cool news for S Pen lovers.

// @UniverseIce



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