These Supposed Galaxy S21 Cases Look So Dumb

Galaxy S21 Case Design

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Should Samsung announce the Galaxy S21 line in the near future, we currently believe we’ll get a family of phones that feature an updated design where Samsung appears to have found a way to further highlight the large camera modules they keep including in phones. Not only that, but the designs we’ve seen suggest an awkward case situation around that camera hump for those seeking protection.

In a couple of Tweets, Samsung leaker @Universeice has teased potential case designs for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra. To say these look absolutely ridiculous is a pretty solid understatement.

You notice anything particularly bad here?

If real, and a casemaker is truly putting forth these designs, what’s the point of having one of these attached to your phone? The entire top corner where the camera sits is completely exposed. I know there are four corners to a phone and dropping on this exposed corner doesn’t have a 100% chance at seeing impact during a drop, but damn, the percentage isn’t good for that not happening either.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 design is going to be tricky to create cases for if those cases want to highlight this unique design. That said, cases aren’t necessarily meant to highlight a phone’s design – they are there for protection.

Maybe we should re-think this situation, eh, casemakers?



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