Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Stops Through the FCC

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Bronze

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Unlike last year, Samsung hasn’t fully outed its new Galaxy Note phone through the FCC before it can announce it, but the device did just stop through there. Here’s what we know about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra now that the FCC has handled it.

First, we have a model number of SM-N986U, which is assumed to be the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. A model number of SM-N981U could be the regular Galaxy Note 20, but it’s not yet at the FCC. For now, we only have details about what will likely be the larger, more expensive of the Note 20 models.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and LTE bands

The FCC tested all of the big US network bands, including 5G. In the table below, we have 5G connectivity on Verizon (n261), AT&T (n5, n260), and T-Mobile (n71, n260, n261 + Sprint’s n41), with low, mid, and 5G mmW. You also have all of the proper 4G LTE networks in there too.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Bands

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Within the FCC docs, we get a confirmation that the Note 20 line will use a Qualcomm chipset labeled as SM8250, which we know as the Snapdragon 865. There are rumors suggesting Samsung will use a Snapdragon 865+, but that chip does not yet exist, at least publicly.

The modem onboard is the Snapdragon X55 5G or SDX55M.

Galaxy Note 20 Snapdragon 865

Other Goods: WiFi 6, NFC, Wireless Charging, S Pen

The rest of the tests from the FCC haven’t revealed anything incredibly juicy, but we know 802.11ax WiFi (WiFi 6) is here, as is NFC and MST (Samsung Pay), and wireless charging. There’s a new S Pen as well, with the model number EJ-PN980. It has Bluetooth for all of that connected S Pen action we got from the Note 9 and Note 10.

We’re getting closer!

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