Pixel Buds Update With Hissing Sound Fix is Here

Google Pixel Buds

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Google’s first big update for the new Pixel Buds is already here as v296. The update is supposed to address one of the biggest complaints about Google’s newest earbuds.

In this update, Google told us to expect a decrease to the audio hissing/static noise that some have claimed to hear. This isn’t an update to address Bluetooth connections or audio drops, as far as we know – that update should come later or in the “coming weeks.”

My pair actually grabbed the update yesterday, but another reader let us know that theirs received it this morning. It should be rolling out to your pair if you own them. Of course, figuring out how to update is obnoxiously awkward and Google should make the process simpler.

How do you update Pixel Buds? Well, once you know that an update is available (the Pixel Buds app will say “updated available” in the firmware section), this is how I explained it a week ago for the previous update and the process worked again yesterday:

Open the Pixel Buds app, tap on “More settings,” and then “Firmware update.” Make sure you have “Automatic updates” toggled on, or you may want to toggle it off and back on again. Then, you sort of just listen to your Buds for a while to let the update download in the background. At least, that’s what we assume is happening since this process all happens in the dark, without a status bar or any sort of confirmation that any thing is happening at any time.

After you’ve listened for a while and hope that an update is ready to install, you slap your Buds back in their case and then the update will install. Again, there is no way to tell that any of this is happening, so you may want to leave them in there for a while to complete the process.

Grab that 296 update for your Pixel Buds and let us know if it really does address the hissing sound.

Cheers Arie!



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