Nevermind, Apparently No S Pen for Galaxy Fold 2

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One of the first big pieces of info we heard about the Galaxy Fold 2 was that it would come equipped with an S Pen stylus. It’d be a great update for hardware that seems ideal for having one. However, according to the latest intel out of South Korea, it’s not happening.

According to the report, Samsung is opting not to include an S Pen with the Galaxy Fold 2, with primary cause being the UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) it utilizes on the device simply not being ready for the strain a stylus device would put on it. As a reminder, UTG is on the Galaxy Z Flip and from our personal experience, yeah, a stylus would most likely destroy that thing with scratches and marks.

While no S Pen is indeed a downer, there are other improvements Samsung is reported to be making to ensure this device is tempting to those with lots of money to spend on a foldy-phone. It’s rumored the display inside will measure in at 7.7-inches, 0.4-inches larger than the original. The outside display is also said to be bigger, which is what I’m most excited to see.

Galaxy Fold fans, is this sad news for you?

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