Pixel Buds 2 Survey Hints at All the Issues Google is Tracking (Updated)

Google Pixel Buds

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Taking a quick tour through the new Google Pixel Buds support community reveals a long list of complaints. Not that that isn’t expected in any support forum for a newly released product, but it’s clear that Google has a number of bugs or issues to address. In a Pixel Buds survey that just showed up in our inbox, we might have the full list that Google is already looking into.

The survey was quite lengthy and easily took me 10-15 minutes to complete. It asked about my Pixel Buds experience, what I liked about them, which headphones I came from, how often I use them, which types of devices I connect them to, the apps I use the most, what my general thoughts on Samsung and Google and Apple as brands are, what my current phone is, etc.

But as I got towards the end, a section popped up that said “Have you experienced the following problems with your Google Pixel Buds?” The list was long, broken out into sections, and came off as being very select rather than a bunch of generic answers that any company might ask about a newly released product. This list seemed very specific to the complaints that many of you have told us about in recent weeks.

The section titled “Audio & Listening Related Reasons” brought up the constant static/hiss noise, audio cutouts, left-to-right audio not in sync, audio quality (“not enough bass”), and lag while watching video. There was a “Comfort / Fit” section that brought up eartip sizing, comfort over longer durations of wear, and difficulties putting Pixel buds in ears properly. There was a section on the charging case and lights not being intuitive, battery life, another on connectivity and random disconnects, and options related to software stuff, like Google Translate, Adaptive Sound, and Google Assistant not working as expected.

Here is the full list from the survey:

Pixel Buds Bug List

Again, the entire list sure seems to be very specific as if Google is keeping track of everything you are telling them, even if their community spaces for support often feel like Googlers are never around to provide help. Let’s hope they find solutions or fixes to a number of these before everyone gives up on them.



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