Expect Fewer OnePlus Betas Moving Forward

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Ahead of the weekend last Friday, OnePlus announced that it is set to reduce the amount of betas owners can expect to see, which is really only a downer to those who participated in the first place.

Moving forward, here’s what we can expect from OnePlus in the beta department.

  • Closed Beta
    • (2 updates per month)
  • Open Beta
    • (1 update per month)
  • Official Release (OTA)
    • (Unchanged – 1 update every 1-2 months)

To compare, Closed Beta participants used to receive 4 updates per month on average, while Open Beta would get 2 updates. So both are being cut in half.

OnePlus’ reasoning behind this, according to them, is to not only better the overall user experience, but to help free up their own resources with regard to squashing bugs that are introduced with each update.

Our beta program may once have been more popular among our most tech-savvy users, but it has now grown into something that includes people from all different backgrounds and with varying degrees of technological knowledge. We’ve also noticed that many of you use beta releases as your daily driver, for work, school or play, which is quite remarkable.

With this in mind, we have decided to make some adjustments to the beta program schedule, in order to provide a more stable and reliable experience. These changes allow us to allocate more time to go through your valuable feedback, coordinate with the development team and address reported bugs. Ultimately, this will give all our users an even better OxygenOS experience.

If this is sad news, don’t worry, there is a bit of good news sprinkled in this announcement — “the Closed Beta program for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro is about to start,” the company writes. The Closed Beta is for elite users only, with about 100 users granted access. While not everyone gets a taste, the plus is that it means we’ll all eventually get the open beta to play with.

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