Don’t Expect New McLaren-Branded OnePlus Phones

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Since 2018, OnePlus and McLaren had a nice little partnership where the phone maker would release a few McLaren-branded devices with super-fast specs, representing the automaker’s passion for speed and excellence. However, it appears that partnership has reached its end. That means no more sexy orange OnePlus phones.

Here’s the statement a McLaren spokesperson sent to Android Authority.

Our partnership with OnePlus, which came to its scheduled conclusion recently, has been a highly successful collaboration between two iconic and innovative brands. Since the start of this partnership in 2018, OnePlus has been a supportive, valued partner and we wish them well and hope to see them in the future.

So there you go, the partnership reached its “scheduled conclusion” and each party seems fine about it.

Maybe now OnePlus will get back to making additional phones that don’t cost so much? That is what made them so overwhelmingly popular in the first place, right?

Adios, McLaren-branded OP phones!

// Android Authority



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