Google Gives You New AR Tool to Social Distance Better

Google Sodar Social Distance

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Social distancing is still one of the best ways we can all do our part to try and slow the spreading of coronavirus. Even as states, counties, and cities begin to reopen across the US, continuing to take measures to protect yourself and those around you isn’t something to relax on. To help you do so somewhat-accurately via technology, Google has a new tool you can use right away on your phone.

The newest Google experiment is called Sodar, and it uses your camera through a web portal to map out the ground beneath your feet to then measure out a 2m ring for social distancing guidance. It’s a neat little augmented reality trick that takes seconds to fire up and use.

To get started, grab your phone and head to Once there, tap the “Launch” button and walk through the short tutorial, which basically just tells you to point your phone at the ground so that it can map it out and show you the 2m ring.

Also, wear a mask, tough guy.



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