$1,500 Motorola Razr Gets Buy One, Get One Free Sale

Motorola Razr

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When Motorola cooked up the return of the Razr flip phone and showed it off at the end of last year, only to delay its launch because of “unparalleled excitement,” I can’t imagine the company expected to then be giving away the $1,500 phone for free a few months later. That’s what is happening today.

Motorola is currently running a BOGO or buy one, get one free sale on the foldable Motorola Razr. There don’t appear to be any major strings attached either, you just add two to cart (can mix and match gold and black) and they will give you one for free. That’s right, you pay $1,500 and Motorola will give you another $1,500 phone for free.

Should you? Lord, no. The Razr is a cool concept and Motorola deserves credit for taking an old phone design and filling it with modern parts, like a foldable screen. Unfortunately, the phone offers a really unpleasant experience, from its sharp edges to its tight hinge, nuisance of a cover screen, and poor camera. The Verizon exclusivity isn’t great either. This one is probably best left alone, unless Motorola starts selling it for $500.

$1,500 BOGO, though…unreal.

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