Motorola Razr Now Comes in Blush Gold, Still at $1500

Motorola Razr Blush Gold

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The Motorola Razr foldable that is still an exclusive to Verizon, now comes in a Blush Gold colorway. The new color option is available if you have a lot of cash to spend on a device that would likely cost $300 if it didn’t fold.

Nothing is different here in this Blush Gold version from the original black model. It’s still the same mid-range specs, still the same iconic design that is awful to hold, still exclusive to Verizon’s network, and it’ll probably forever take pictures that can rival only those meant for wallets on a budget.

The gold version is a mash-up of black and gold coloring, with the bottom plastic body taking on the new color from the back to the front chin. The upper half remains black and glass outside of a gold accent on the phone’s camera. It has colored plastic in place of black plastic is what I’m getting at.

Please don’t buy this phone. While it was certainly an engineering piece of magic from Motorola, the phone itself is flat out bad. It’s the least enjoyable phone I think that I’ve used in the 10 years reviewing them.

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