New Google Pixel Buds Briefly Show Up for Pre-Order in All Colors

Pixel Buds Orange

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Since we are now into April and the new Google Pixel Buds (or Pixel Buds 2) have not yet arrived after a brief showing at one retailer over a month ago and a quick stop at the FCC, we were beginning to wonder the status of Google’s first true wireless earbuds. Had they been delayed? Are they still coming in the middle of this pandemic? A listing showed up over the weekend that may hint at an imminent launch.

Pre-order New Google Pixel Buds

The online store ABT posted up pre-order links for all 4 colors of the new Pixel Buds while revealing more details and specs. The listings sure look like finished listings you would see if a product was ready for people to buy, not the unfinished listings we saw from B&H Photo.

Outside of the images for each (which are not new), we have model numbers for each color track now: GA01471 (Oh So Orange), GA01918 (Quite Mint), GA01478 (Just Black), and GA01470 (Clearly White).

For features, the listings talk about the new Pixel Buds featuring “custom-designed” 12mm dynamic speaker drivers, sensors built to focus mics on your voice during calls, the customizable fit you’ll find, more on the spatial vents, touch controls (including volume), sweat and water resistance, “Hey Google” integration, quick pairing, and wireless charging.

New Pixel Buds 2 Features

Here is the full list pulled from ABT:

  • Rich audio.
    With custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker drivers, Google Pixel Buds deliver high-quality audio.
  • Clearer calls.
    Built-in sensors detect when you’re talking, and mics focused on your voice make sure background noise stays in the background.
  • Thoughtfully designed from ear to ear.
    Google Pixel Buds are designed for your comfort, based on scans of thousands of ears. You get a customizable, secure fit while the spatial vent keeps you open to the world around you.
  • Secure Fit
    Built with a three point anchor system, Google Pixel Buds combine premium comfort with a great fir to keep your earbuds secure even when working out.
  • Stay aware.
    A spatial vent keeps you connected to the world around you.
  • Touch Control
    Tap to play and pause. Swipe to change the volume.
  • Sweat and water resistant.
    Google Pixel Buds aren’t afraid of a little water, so rainy days and sweaty workouts are no problem.
  • Help on the go.
    To play your favorite music, get directions, or call your mom, just say, “Hey Google.”2
  • Understand the world around you.
    Get real-time translations right in your ear,3 whether you’re ordering dinner in Tokyo or visiting your multilingual family.
  • Power up without a plug.
    Charge your Google Pixel Buds in its case or place the case on a compatible wireless charging pad.4
  • Pair up quickly.
    With Google Pixel, pair them with just a single tap. Google Pixel Buds also easily connect with any Bluetooth™ 4.0+ laptops, tablets, Android and iOS devices.
  • Find your earbuds.
    Don’t worry about misplacing your earbuds. Find My Device makes it easy to locate Google Pixel Buds.5

While no date was listed for launch and this was only a pre-order, the pre-order was open before it was pulled.

Anyone want to take bets on a launch of this week? You still ready to drop $179 on a pair?

ABT Pre-order Link

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