Motorola Razr Unboxing and Tour!

Motorola Razr

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The new foldable Motorola Razr hit stores yesterday after a short delay, so if you have $1500 to spend on first-gen flip phone technology, your day has come. If you’d rather wait to know what we think about, well, you are in luck. Our Razr showed up yesterday and we promptly put it through an unboxing so that we can get on to reviewing it.

In this video, you’ll see the packaging experience before we move on to the phone, its specs, and the retro mode (pictured above). Of course, we fold the sh*t out of it quickly and slowly, because folding a display in half will never get old.

Want first impressions? Yeah, they aren’t good. Not that I was going into this expecting much, but this is a $1500 phone with a camera that probably won’t ever be competitive, the display inside gives as you press or tap on things, there is an obnoxious lip where the fingerprint reader is that you are constantly working around (I know it’s a signature Razr design thing, it just isn’t fun), and the cover display forces you to¬†have flip the phone open for all tasks. What I’m saying there is that flipping open and closing this phone isn’t that enjoyable, at least not like you might remember from an old flip phone. I’m not sold on this just yet, that’s for sure.

Let me get back to serious testing, though, and you watch this fun video.

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