OnePlus Shows Off 120Hz, MEMC Smoothness Coming to Their Next Phone

OnePlus Concept One

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Now that OnePlus has confirmed it will use a 120Hz in their upcoming phone (likely the OnePlus 8), the teasing of the smoothness has begun. In Tweets only a day apart, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has started posting examples of how smooth your life might soon be.

The first Tweet shows how the OnePlus 120Hz Fluid Display might differ from the 60Hz experience on your current phone. The animation shows that jank you are dealing with today alongside the anti-skip party of a 120Hz refresh rate. The short clip goes from fast to sl0w-mo, where you can really see the difference.

While I know this is an animation and not exactly a real-world example, you get the point. This sh*t should be hella smooth and you will notice the difference. Most of us notice the difference between 90Hz and 60Hz, so if you are going from 60Hz to 120Hz, prepare for a whole new world, Aladdin.

The second example of the upcoming experience shows off the idea of a MEMC chip, which OnePlus says they customized to put into a phone. This chip, which TVs use to artificially ramp up frame rates on video to make it look extra smooth, will take 30fps video on your new OnePlus 8 and crank it to 120fps. It could look great on phones or smaller screens, even if you are the type who doesn’t appreciate what a MEMC chip does to video on your big ol’ TV.

We still don’t have a release date for OnePlus’ next phone, but we’ve been told to expect it on Verizon and that it could show up there quite soon. OnePlus’ release schedule seems to be moving to an earlier and earlier spot in each new year. Don’t be surprised if this new phone drops within a month.



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