Well, Sh*t: New SHIELD TV Remote Now Not Coming Until 2020

New SHIELD TV Remote

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When the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV (review) and TV Pro arrived a month ago with fancy AI upscaling and one new form factor, the decision over whether or not to upgrade was difficult. On one hand, the new upscaling and form factor were indeed welcomed additions, but with older SHIELD TV units still working just fine and continuing to receive updates, some of us wondered if we might instead just want that new triangular remote, which had to provide an improved experience over the awful remotes from previous models.

At the time of launch, we were told that the new remote would indeed work with the older models and that the new SHIELD remote would be available for purchase before the end of this year for $29.99. Now, things have changed there and the NVIDIA website states that “end of January 2020” is the new launch time frame.

If you were hoping to pick one up as a X-mas present to yourself to replace your old, always-disconnecting SHIELD remotes, I apologize for having to share this sad news with you. And it’s sad because this remote is really, really nice. After using it for a month, I can tell that I’ve had zero connectivity issues, the new buttons are awesome, and the triangular form is actually kind of nice to hold and use.

We’ll let you know once it is available.

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