Question: What Icon Packs You Using These Days?

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There was a time in this story of Android where Tim and I were big on the customization scene. Well, we liked to think we were, because we told you if something was extra hot or not, specifically when it came to icons. Now, we’re old and keep things simple, so when someone asked me this morning if we could share the hottest icons of the moment, I figured it was best to turn to all of you. I have failed and I’m sorry.

They asked about icons because they assume so many of you have turned to OnePlus phones as the Pixel 4 is passed on for numerous reasons. They may be right too, which is fun because yes, OnePlus phones do support icon packs!

Not only do OnePlus phones feature OnePlus, Round, and Square icon options, you can install 3rd party icon packs and set those. It’s very much in the way you would switch icons on Nova Launcher, only it’s built-in to OnePlus’ OxygenOS.

So, friends, what icon packs are you using these days?



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