Motorola May Have Picked a Date to Show Off Its Foldable Razr

Moto Razr Invite

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Motorola is hosting an event on November 13 in Los Angeles and they might show off the phone we have all been waiting to see. It might be the last big reveal of 2019, one that could bring back memories and also transform our mobile future. We could be weeks away from the return of the Moto Razr, only this time as a foldable.

Invites for the event have apparently been sent and CNET received one. The invite says things like this being the “highly anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon” and that “You’re going to flip” over it. There will be a bunch of special guests and musical performers too, to help show off this “original unlike any other.”

If they aren’t talking about the return of the Razr, then I think Motorola has lost their mind. What other product have they made that’s iconic? The Razr is it.

Also, we know they are working on a flip phone-style foldable and that they don’t plan on being late to the foldable game. In recent weeks, we heard that there was still a good chance that they would show it off before the end of the year.

Consider me just a bit beyond excited. A foldable Razr with the modern goods of 2019? Hell yes. Just please, don’t be $1,500.




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