Galaxy Fold Reservations are Now Open! (Update: Pre-Orders!)

Galaxy Fold Reservations

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UPDATE 4/14: Pre-order invitation emails have been sent! If you put your name in for a reservation, check your inbox, because it’s time to shell out almost $2,000 for the first foldable phone.

Samsung tried to make it sound like you would have to sign-up with an email address to be notified about Galaxy Fold reservations and orders. As it turns out, you can simply add your name to the reservation list right now by heading over to their site with the link below. Yep, Galaxy Fold reservations went live!

At this time in the US, you can put your name down to reserve either the T-Mobile or AT&T models of the Galaxy Fold. You don’t have to pay for a single thing yet, just so we’re clear. This is nothing but a list of names of people who Samsung will eventually let purchase the device around April 26, when it’s scheduled to go on sale in the US.

As a reminder, the Galaxy Fold will cost you $1,980. As one of the first foldable devices, this is a first-gen product with new tech, the sort of thing that always carries a crazy premium. Is this phone actually worth spending $2,000 on? Should you buy a $2,000 Galaxy Fold? We’ll know soon enough. We’ll do what we can to get our hands on one and put it through the proper testing. In fact, I’m #720 in line to purchase it. Go me.

Hurry before the list gets too long!

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