Galaxy Fold Invitations are Going Out Tomorrow, so You May Want to Sign-Up Today

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Samsung announced this morning that the Galaxy Fold, it’s ultra-expensive foldable device is “COMING SOON.” We knew that, as they told us April 26 would be the day a couple of months ago, but what they really mean, is that you should sign-up today if you want to buy one.

You see, the Galaxy Fold is supposed to be a semi-limited, luxury purchase that not just anyone can have. While the price ($1,980) certainly knocked a bunch of people out of the running, the Fold will be produced in limited quantities at first, which is why they are letting you put your name on the list today.

So, if you want to be first, you’ll need to hit that link below and sign-up for more information. You aren’t doing anything other than putting your name on a list, in case you were worried. No money is being locked up. You aren’t committing to actually buying the Fold. You are simply showing interest in wanting to be first.

Why is signing-up today important? Because tomorrow (April 12), Samsung is going to send out “exclusive” invitations to those who submitted their email to be first in line to buy a Galaxy Fold on April 26.

If you don’t get on the list, the phone is going to be sold at AT&T, T-Mobile, Best Buy, and Samsung Experience Stores too. T-Mobile will open up online sales on April 25 (the day before launch) at 9PM Pacific. Only select stores will then have it the next day.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Sign-up Link

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