WATCH: OnePlus 6T Launch Event at 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific)!

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The OnePlus 6T’s day in the spotlight is here. OnePlus is hosting a launch event in NYC this morning, an event they are calling their biggest ever, to make the phone official.

I think I would tend to agree that this will be their biggest. While the OnePlus 6T will have minimal upgrades over the OnePlus 6, the big part arrives via carrier support here in the US. OnePlus is expected to announce a partnership with T-Mobile, plus the phone should be the first from OnePlus to work on Verizon. Those are major moves.

Other than that, it’ll be a slightly improved OnePlus 6 with in-display fingerprint reader that looks like this. We also know that it won’t have a headphone jack or an IP rating or wireless charging. The price will undoubtedly be higher than the 6. How much higher? We’ll find out this morning.

The OnePlus 6T event kicks off at 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific). You can watch it above!



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