Google is Killing Inbox, the Best Email App Ever, and I’m Mad

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Google is killing its best email app. Inbox, which Google created to do fun stuff with as Gmail sat in the dark ages never doing anything fun, has been given an end-of-life date. Inbox users, who are smarter than Gmail users, will have to switch off it by March 2019.

I’m mad.

Sure, Gmail has stolen all of Inbox’s best features in recent months and probably makes it an easy choice for the chopping block, but whatever. I’m still mad. I don’t like the color red either. Red email apps suck. Blue is cooler and superior. Trip bundles are cooler too. I don’t even know if Gmail has those or not, but if it does, they work better on Inbox. Swiping too. All of your stolen Gmail features are better on Inbox because.

March 2019, folks. I’ll be here being mad.

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