We Got That Apple Event Live Blog You Need!

Apple iPhone Xs Day

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What time is the Apple Event, today, September 12? Chill, bro, it starts at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern).

That’s right, my friends, it’s Apple event day (aka Blazers and Jeans Day) and that means we’re back for another super serious live blog. I don’t think we even live blog Android stuff anymore, because none of it is ever a surprise, but Apple announcements are always worthy of mockery being super serious about. There will be iPhones (iPhone Xs Max HD Pro, probably), a new Apple Watch that all of your aunts and spread-collared shirt friends will own, and maybe some good ol’ fashioned Android trashing over OS adoption.

The event really does kick off at 10AM Pacific. If you want to watch (here), you might be able to on Chrome, but Apple used to force you to have to use Safari. Their requirements have changed some, though, so give it a go and avoid Apple’s browser if you can.

Predictions? Confessions? Will my boy, Phil Schiller, go with dad jeans or dad jeans? Join us to find out.



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