Report: Galaxy S10 Will Have Ultrasonic Under-Display Fingerprint Reader From Qualcomm

Samsung Galaxy Camera

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If you’ve been reading Droid Life for a couple of years or more, you’ll know that with every upcoming Galaxy device from Samsung, there’s a report that says the latest flagship from Samsung will have an in-display fingerprint reader. It happened for Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 9, and plenty others.

Back in June of this year, there was a report that claimed the same thing that this week’s report says, though, there are a few new spicy details. In the report, it says the Samsung Galaxy S10 (tentative name) will have an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, based Qualcomm’s 3rd-generation Snapdragon Sense ID.

Sense ID utilizes ultrasonic waves to penetrate objects and can detect fingerprints through thick glass, metal, and even if the fingerprint is wet or has other forms of debris on it. Based on the technology’s fact sheet that was published in early 2016, with enhancements likely to have been made since then, it should be a very solid biometric authentication technology.

With OnePlus set to introduce an in-display fingerprint reader for OnePlus 6T, it’s hard to imagine Samsung doesn’t jump on this in 2019. Maybe, finally after all of these years of reports, Samsung will include this type of fingerprint sensor on a phone and we can all stop having to read reports like these.

Do it, Samsung.

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