Moto Z3 Now Available From Verizon, No 5G Included

Moto Z3

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The Moto Z3, a phone that only exists so that it can be sold to you today as one of the first to get access to 5G, is now available from Verizon. It costs $20/mo or $480 if you straight-up buy it.

We reviewed the Moto Z3 earlier in the week and actually find it to be a solid phone. There isn’t necessarily anything particularly wrong with this new Moto Z phone, it’s just that it really only does exists as a way for Motorola and Verizon to say, “5G first, y’all!”

And that’s kind of a problem, since 5G from Verizon won’t arrive until “early 2019” and you’ll need a big ass Moto Mod attachment in order to access it. We don’t know how much that Moto Mod will cost, what Verizon plans to charge for 5G, or where Verizon’s 5G will be available. In other words, Verizon and Motorola want you to buy a phone with a whole bunch of questions related to its future that they don’t want to provide answers to. You down with that?

If so, you can buy it at the link below.

Buy Moto Z3 from Verizon



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