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Moto Z3

Moto Z3 Now Available From Verizon, No 5G Included

The Moto Z3, a phone that only exists so that it can be sold to you today as one of the first to get access to 5G, is now available from Verizon. It costs $20/mo or $480 if you straight-up buy it. We reviewed the Moto Z3 earlier in the week and actually find...
Moto Z3 Review

Moto Z3 Review: We Wanted More

When Motorola hosted a bunch of press at an event at their Chicago headquarters on August 2, the collective "Wait, what?" faces from those in attendance as a new phone was announced spoke volumes. We were all reacting to the Moto Z3, a phone we expected to be...
Moto Z2 Force

There Won’t be a Moto Z3 Force

Following Motorola's reveal of the Moto Z3 yesterday, a number of people wanted to know when the Moto Z3 Force would drop. I have bad news for you - it's never coming. According to Motorola's US Twitter account, this is it for the Moto Z3 line. They aren't...