There Won’t be a Moto Z3 Force

Moto Z2 Force

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Following Motorola’s reveal of the Moto Z3 yesterday, a number of people wanted to know when the Moto Z3 Force would drop. I have bad news for you – it’s never coming.

According to Motorola’s US Twitter account, this is it for the Moto Z3 line. They aren’t planning to launch any more Moto Z phones in 2018.

In previous years, we’ve had both Moto Z and Moto Z Force phones. The Force line was often the slightly upgraded version of the regular Z, plus it included a shatterproof display. With no Moto Z3 Force coming, this is the option for users wanting a high-end Moto Z3 experience.

Of course, that’s somewhat disappointing if you wanted 2018 specs in your 2018 phone. The Moto Z3 is a lot like a 2017 phone in a 2018 Moto phone body. It does cost just $480, though.



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