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Moto Z2 Force

There Won’t be a Moto Z3 Force

Following Motorola's reveal of the Moto Z3 yesterday, a number of people wanted to know when the Moto Z3 Force would drop. I have bad news for you - it's never coming. According to Motorola's US Twitter account, this is it for the Moto Z3 line. They aren't...
moto z3 play review

Moto Z3 Play Review: It’s Pretty Good

Ever since the original Moto Z Play arrived in 2016 and surprisingly became one of my favorite phones of all time, I've looked forward to new additions to the Z Play line-up. The Moto Z2 Play from last year was also good, but didn't quite bring the same level...
MOTO Z3 PLAY unboxing

Moto Z3 Play Unboxing and Tour!

Fresh off its unveiling from earlier in the month, we now have a Moto Z3 Play in house and are pretty excited about it. If that sounds odd to you, you must not know the Z Play line's history around these parts. Even as mid-range phones, previous Z Play devices...