OnePlus 5T Review

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Our OnePlus 5T review is here! Sorry it took so long, but you know, it’s cold in the northwest. We have beer to drink.

For this latest and greatest from OnePlus, we tried to look for the differences in the OnePlus 5T vs. the regular OnePlus 5 (review) to see if we actually got an upgrade this year. As you all know, with the OnePlus 3 (review) and OnePlus 3T (review), the upgrades there were subtle, so this is an important piece to this year’s story. Thankfully, I have nothing but positive things to say over the new display and camera vs. those on the 5.

The video review dives into more, but the takeaway is that after telling you to consider passing on the OnePlus 5 because of its non-2017 design and sub-par camera, I’m telling you the opposite here. The display on the 5T is quite good and meets the current low-bezel trend, the new dual camera setup is solid, I’m a huge fan of the rear fingerprint reader, the software is as quick as ever, and battery life continues to get better by the day as I’ve tested it. OnePlus really nailed this phone.

The OnePlus 5T can be purchased right here.

NOTE: The video says that the 8GB / 128GB model costs $529, and yes, I know that that is wrong. It’s too late to fix now. The 8GB model actually costs $559.

NOTE 2: No written review because we already wrote up the review for the OnePlus 5. The experiences are almost identical outside of the couple of changes that we dive well into in the video.



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