This is My Android: June 2015

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After kicking off our “This is My Android” series in February with the Moto X (2nd gen), I told you that it probably wouldn’t take long before I found a phone to replace it. I didn’t say that because the Moto X was aging or falling out of favor with my pants pocket, it’s just that I knew what was on the horizon – the Samsung Galaxy S6. Shortly after Samsung’s new flagship launched and found its way onto my desk, I knew almost immediately that this was the phone that would replace the Moto X.

So today, this is my Android, the Galaxy S6. 

June 2015


You will hear this in greater detail in the video below, but the reasons the Galaxy S6 has become my phone of choice is because it has the best mobile camera in the business, was built to be the most future-proof phone in recent memory, and is available as an unlocked device that provides me with more flexibility than a carrier-tied model can.

The camera tops my reasons for owning the Galaxy S6 because of all the things many other phones do equally as good as the S6, I don’t think any best it in the camera department. What I mean is that most (if not all) phones nowadays are fast, reliable, and premium. But few phones actually have a great camera. In fact, I would argue that only the Galaxy S6 and G4 can be taken seriously as great mobile phone cameras on Android. Since I have a 1.5 year old at home that I take dozens of pictures of, I not only need a fast phone, but I need a camera that is even faster, yet takes amazing photos. This phone does just that.

Outside of the ridiculous camera, I know that the Galaxy S6 was built to last with its metal frame, advanced processor/RAM/storage, and payment system (Samsung Pay) that, at least on paper, is better than everyone else’s. The phone feels amazing in hand, but I can also hold this phone knowing that it won’t be dated in one or two years as new phones arrive. This phone, has the best of the best inside of it.

Finally, because this phone can be purchased as an unlocked, carrier-free phone, it wins major points with me. You know how I feel about unlocked phones, right? Then there isn’t anything else to say here.


My setup since the last video hasn’t changed much, but as is noted in the bulleted list above, I am currently using Polycon icon pack, with a custom-tweaked Ponoco wallpaper. To hear the rest of the setup, hit up the clip below.


That’s my Android, what’s yours?



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