These Icon Packs are Hot: Polycon and Elun

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What do you say we start off the week with a couple of icon packs to freshen up your home screens? After taking a mini break from icons that we consider hot, we get the feeling that a number of you missed this little ongoing feature of ours. So, we’ll try to be better about sharing the best in Android customization.

To kick things up again, we have two icon packs that are well worth the effort of installing. The first is called Polycon, a Material Design-heavy icon pack that brings a new flavor to the abundance of Material packs. After that, we wanted to draw some attention to an old favorite called Elun. We first showed you Elun almost a year ago, but it deserves a second look today, if anything, just to support the developer. Remember that icon pack we featured last week? As it turns out, the icon designs there may have been completely lifted from Elun, only sporting a new color scheme. That’s not exactly something we like to see, especially when it comes to the icon world, where your original designs and hours of hard work are what help you stand out. So if you feel like spending a buck to support the cause, give Elun another look. You can read all about the back story here.

Here we go! 

polycon icons3 polycon icons1 polycon icons2


These icons, at least to me, seem much more compact than most Material Design icons while showing some playfulness or freshness, and a simplicity that is enough to look good in almost any setup. You know just by looking at these icons that they were custom made for Material Design, but yet they still feel very new. The colors used are from the Material Design color palette, so you should have no problems matching this up to the rest of the colors on your current theme.

The pack includes a set of custom wallpapers and should work on just about every major launcher.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s all free?

Play Link

elun icons3 elun icons2 elun icons1


This is what I wrote about Elun a year ago:

“This pack meets my needs at the moment because round icons are just my thing right now. Beyond being round, the icons are fully flattened, aren’t going overboard with neon colors or shadows, and give you more than enough alternative color options for some of the most used apps out there, like the dialer, camera, or Hangouts. The icon pack is simple and classic, utilizes ‘stock’ colors, and would work well with almost any setup.”

There are over 2,200 3,100 HD icons and 31 HD, cloud-based wallpapers that work perfectly with the scheme. All of your favorite launchers are also supported, plus the wallpapers work with Muzei.

Play Link ($0.99)



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