How to: Cut a Micro SIM Into a Nano SIM for Your Moto X

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Today, you are going to learn something you probably never knew you could do. OK, that’s probably not 100% true. I’m sure many of you knew that you could cut down a SIM to a micro SIM, but with nano SIM cards on the horizon, we thought we should point out that the same procedure can be done from micro to nano as well. Phones like the Moto X (and yes, the iPhone 5 too) use nano SIM cards, so should you choose to buy either of them, you’ll either need Verizon (or your carrier of choice) to provide you with a new SIM or you can perform surgery. We tend to prefer surgery (because it’s fun), which is why this tutorial has been born. Also, I have an NFC SIM for use with Isis and didn’t feel like dealing with the process of getting a new one when beginning my Moto X review. I figured the least I could do was show you some action.

Ready to do this?


1. Order a nano SIM cutter. Amazon has plenty of options, though this is the one I used. I think it ran me $7, with free Prime shipping. It’s also a solid hunk of metal, so cutting something into “nano” size somehow felt more manly. Yes, manly.

nano sim cutter

2.  Open the nano cutter box and spread out its goodies for quick access. Yes, that’s sandpaper.
3.  Pull out your micro SIM from whichever phone it is currently resting.

micro SIM to nano SIM

4.  Grab the metal adapter tray, and insert your micro SIM card. Slide them together inside the nano cutter.
5.  Prepare for glory.

micro SIM to nano SIMmicro SIM to nano SIM

6.  Set the nano cutter (with micro SIM insert) face down on a table, and press that bad boy with some force.


micro SIM to nano SIM

micro SIM to nano SIM

7.  There she is, your new nano SIM.

micro SIM to nano SIM

8. Compare it to a real nano SIM, because we can.

nano sim card

9.  Sand the excess paper away so that it fits nicely into the Moto X SIM tray.

nano sim

10.  Insert into Moto X. You win.

micro SIM to nano SIM



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