Video: Matias Duarte Stops by ‘On the Verge’ to Talk Ice Cream Sandwich, Mentions Galaxy Nexus Release

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Matias Duarte, who is the visual and design expert behind Android 4.0, stopped by the set of the Verge’s new show called On the Verge to talk a whole bunch of stuff that may interest you. Some of his Palm WebOS days were brought up, along with the fact that he worked at Helio. But what you obviously all care about is anything related to Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus. So here is what you need to know.

Starting at the 14:30 mark, Matias enters the stage in a suit almost as cool as the one he wore at the Hong Kong event. From there, he cruises through a couple of minutes of background stuff and even touches on the idea that people are hating on their new font, Roboto (and of course, John Gruber is at the forefront of it). So if none of that interests you, then go ahead and jump right to 23:00 to get down and dirty with ICS.

If ICS does nothing for you and you just wanted Galaxy Nexus talk, then by all means skip ahead to the 25:00 mark where Matias says as clear as day that the phone will be out in November. He wouldn’t give a specific day as to not “steal the thunder” from the carrier. Does that settle it? Are we expecting November still or not? We talked about this the other night after the show was recorded and would assume that the guy responsible for it would know. Then again, in this business, things change far too often.

Oh, and he shows off some real-time video effects at the 27:00 mark too.

Cheers sagis and kidtronic!



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