Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Easter Egg Uncovered, Nyan-Andy Here To Save The Day

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We have finally found it! With the release of the Galaxy Nexus just around the corner (for the UK at least) it seems that the easter egg that Google likes to throw into all of their flagship phones has been uncovered for their latest update, Ice Cream Sandwich. If you head over to the system settings and tap on the Android Version like mad you are greeted with a little Andy, pressing and holding him makes him grow larger and larger and then viola; an army of flying Nyan-Andys across your screen. Pretty cool right? Well the fun does not stop there. Android wanted their developers to have in on the fun too.

In the ADT plugin for LogCat, someone requested that the Andy logo be changed to a cat, probably thinking that Google would get a good laugh about it. Well, it’s Google, so they put it in. The logo has now been changed to the same Nyan-Andy just for you developers out there. Who likes these new easter eggs?

Via: Pocketnow



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