Kindle Fire Unboxing and Quick Hands-on

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I guess it’s just a video kind of morning here at Droid Life. In order to keep that theme going, we wanted to toss out this quick unboxing and hands-on that I was able to put together yesterday afternoon when my Kindle Fire finally arrived.

Some early first impressions? I love the whole experience that Amazon is bringing over the top of Android. It doesn’t necessarily feel or look anything like Android, but you still have some of the same functionality with on-screen home, back, menu and search buttons. You have a notifications bar, quick toggles for WiFi/Volume/Brightness, and most importantly, in runs all of your favorite apps.

You have also got to love the built-in Amazon cloud and shopping experience. As someone who purchases music and almost anything else he can think of through Amazon, having it all at my fingertips on a single device is lovely.

And by the way, it has already been rooted too. Instructions on the way.

I will say that the software probably needs a bug fixing update already. Something as simple as having to press the back button multiple times to go backward continues to happen to me every time I pick it up. But hey, it’s Amazon’s first attempt at their own full-blown OS skin, so we’ll try to cut them a little bit of slack. There aren’t any major bugs that I have run into through my first few hours with it.

Has anyone else picked one up? Would love to hear your early thoughts as well.



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