This White Samsung Galaxy SII Looks Neat, But It’s NOT Running Ice Cream Sandwich

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We are just going to attempt to cut this one off before it gets too out of hand today. You see the video above of that pretty white Samsung Galaxy SII? Well, for whatever reason, people actually think it’s running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). That’s right, this TouchWiz infused, 3rd party launcher infested, ICS leaked music player running phone, is actually tricking people. IT’S NOT ICS, PEOPLE.

Everyone remember that silly ICS launcher that we posted a few weeks back? This is it. Same old icon set with that same pre-defined list of app shortcuts along with the unchanging recently used app list. And see that camera icon on the guy’s home screen? TouchWiz icon. See all of that bloatware in his app drawer? How about the themed notification bar with the circle battery icon? Come on, folks! Or the TouchWiz wifi/bluetooth toggles in the pulldown menu? Or the fact that the guy won’t show you anything except the cheesy launcher, the market which we leaked, and the leaked music player. I think my favorite clear giveaways here though, are the screen transitions and widget-chooser menu. Hah…

If you want to see what real Android 4.0 looks like, watch this video to see an early version. Then watch this video to see a closer rendition to what will be unveiled tomorrow night.

So when you see this video popping up all over the world today with “ZOMG! White SGS2 running ICS!” just shake your head a little and send them over to the videos we listed above for the real deal.


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