DROID2 Global Gingerbread Available “Soon After” DROID3 Launches

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The Gingerbread update for the DROID2 Global was primed and ready to rock back on June 15, but for reasons we have been led to believe were due to bugs that needed to be worked out by Motorola, it was pulled.  Some conspiracy theorists would argue against that after seeing this note from a D3 training document that just popped up.

Would Verizon and Moto really hold back 2.3 to make the D3 look a little more appealing?  Not likely.  In fact, no where in that note does it mention that as a reason, nor does it mention that the D2G’s GB is even ready.  It’s “expected” to be ready which means they still have work to do on it.  Also, if Moto is holding back updates to launch their newest slide-out with the newest software available, why’d they already give it to the DROIDX and skip the DX2?  Exactly.

To help out the D3 side of the argument though, they did release the original DROID as the first with 2.0 and the DROID2 as the first on Verizon with 2.2, so they could try to do the same with this phone.  Although, it would make most of us DX owners a little uncomfortable to see them running around bragging about 2.3 on a phone when we’ve all had it for weeks.  The D3 is launching with a newer version of Blur though, so…who knows.

What we do know is that the GB builds currently available from Moto are filled with bugs – and once they get them all worked out, they’ll be made available to their entire lineup of 2010 devices including the D2, D2G, Pro and DX2.

And enough rambling from me for one night.

Cheers nessa!



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