DROIDX2 Dummy Units Arrive at Costco, Release Now Up in the Air (Updated)

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Update:  We received all of the official launch info here.  It’s coming May 26th.

Just over a week ago, we were tipped to a set of possible release dates for a variety of Verizon devices, one being the DROIDX2 on May 12 with it’s beastly dual-core Tegra 2 processor.  But after a delay of the DROID Charge and no signs of it ever reappearing, the schedule has to have been changed.  We’re here on May 12 and Verizon hasn’t said a word about the either the DX2 or LG Revolution, so I would advise that you not run out to a store just yet even if dummy units are arriving at Costco.

These delays sure seem to be killing a lot of the excitement that we once had back at CES – first it was the Thunderbolt for almost a month, now the Charge is already at 2 weeks, and it’s all forcing Verizon to push out the rest of its lineup over what we’re assuming are LTE issues.  Thing is, the DX2 is the first dual-core phone on Verizon and is not LTE, so let’s make the kids happy and get it ready for prime time.

We’ll be digging for updates…



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