DROID Charge Not Launching Tomorrow, will be Rescheduled Due to 4G LTE Outage? (Updated)

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We just received word from three separate Verizon friends who say they have been notified within the last hour that the DROID Charge will not launch tomorrow, and we’re assuming it’s due to the 4G LTE outage that is still currently plaguing Big Red’s new network.  We had heard rumbles of a delayed launch as a possibility earlier in the day, but managers are now informing their employees that there will indeed be a rescheduled launch.  It looks like this network issue has become bigger than they had imagined.

We’ll keep you posted and will be hoping for a late night miracle.  Would be nice to wake up and hear that the launch is back on, wouldn’t it?  This is not the start the first 4G LTE DROID needs.

Update:  3G and even some 4G LTE seems to be returning around the country.  Could we see the Charge make it at the last minute?

Update 2:  The Charge commercial from earlier today is now set to private.  (Cheers nativi!)

Cheers SV, L, and J!



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