Verizon Plans to Discontinue 1-year Contracts Effective April 17

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The bad news seems to be pouring in from all angles these days, doesn’t it?  According to the above document, Verizon will remove the option for customers to sign 1-year contracts effective April 17th.  Why on Earth would they do such a thing?  Well, because very few customers seem to ever choose 1-year deals, but more importantly, this will “streamline” the contract process and help reduce customer confusion.

It’s always nice of Verizon to help us decide what we want by removing choices.  Like when they eliminated 1-year upgrades and the NE2 program, cut out rebates, and tightened up warranty replacement rules, they were surely thinking of us, right?  My life feels super streamlined these days; thank you Big Red.

This will not affect those that are currently on a 1-year contract until their contract runs out.  From there, you will have the choice of a 2-year contract or a month-to-month.

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