Verizon Changing Upgrade Policy, Say Bye Bye to 1-year Upgrades

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And we have bad news just before we take off for Las Vegas.  According to new Verizon training slides, the 1-year upgrade option that many of us have enjoyed for years is going away starting January 16th.  Customers on 2-year contracts will now have to wait until the 20th month of their deal to even begin to think about upgrading.  Talk about depressing.  We live in a time when phones become almost obsolete just months after they are released and having to wait at least 20 months for the option to upgrade is a giant step in the wrong direction.

It should be noted that 1-year contracts are not affected, so that becomes option number 1 for those of us addicted to new technology.  When your current contract is up, you might want to consider going with a 1 year plan and forking out the extra $50-100 on the phone or you’ll be stuck for 2 years.  [Insert sad face]

The good news is, we’ll be at CES all week and will have plenty of opportunities to drill VZW reps on this subject.

Via:  Android Central


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