Download: Droid Life Custom Boot Animation

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This site seriously has the greatest community of readers I have ever seen.  I woke up yesterday morning, checked out the Droid Life Facebook page and found an amazing custom boot animation that one of our readers had tossed together in his spare time.  Un-frickin-believable.  Seriously, you guys are all so amazing.

I can’t thank Kevin enough for this.  Thanks man!

Check it…

And if you’d like to make this your own boot animation, here are 3 sets of instructions:

Using Root Explorer…

1.  You have to be rooted in order to do this.  Rooting info here and here.
2.  Download Root Explorer from the market.
3.  Download the Droid Life boot anim: (alt link)
4.  If you downloaded via PC, mount your Droid and drop the .zip file onto your SD card.
5.  Unmount your Droid.
6.  Open Root Explorer, tap on “sdcard” and locate
7.  Long press on and choose “Move”.
8.  Hit the back button once and locate the “data” folder.
9.  Tap and open “data” and then “local”.
10.  Hit “Paste” which should be an option at the bottom of your screen.
11.  If there is already a file, let Root Explorer overwrite it.
12.  Back out of Root Explorer, reboot your phone, and BAM!
13.  Enjoy your new Droid Life boot animation.

Using Terminal Emulator…

1.  You have to be rooted in order to do this.  Rooting info here and here.
2.  Download the Droid Life boot anim: (alt link)
3.  Drop the file on the root of your SD card.
4.  Open Terminal Emulator and type the following commands:

cp /sdcard/ /data/local/

5.  Your phone should reboot with the Droid Life boot anim!

Using the Android SDK…

1.  Big Lou has laid out instructions to do this without root using the Android SDK.  I’d post them, but he’s done a fabulous job and I also don’t want to triple the size of this post.  (Hah!)

Instructions on how to create your own can be found here.


My ROM: JRummy’s Remix V0.5 CyanogenMod V5.0.5.7 w/ NexusMod Live Paper


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