How to: Create a Droid Custom Boot Animation

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After posting the Droid Life custom boot animation yesterday, we promised to bring you a set of instructions on how to create your own and you can consider that promised delivered.  These instructions are pretty simple to tell you the truth, but feel free to let us know of any issues or concerns.

*Note* – Make sure you have WinRAR installed on your computer.


1.  Download the stock boot animation to your PC: (alt link)
2.  Extract to a folder.
3.  You should find 2 folders and 1 file:  part0, part1, and desc.txt.

The part0 folder contains .png files which boot but do not loop.  The part1 folder contains your .png files which will loop over and over again.  The desc.txt are the settings you can tweak including how big you want your custom boot animation to display.

480 427 30p 1 0 part0p 0 10 part1  (480 427 = the dimensions)

4.  This is where you get creative.  In Photoshop or your other favorite image editing program, put together your series of .png files which will replace the images in part0 and part1.

Make sure your file names follow a series similar to this:  boot_00001.png, boot_00002.png, etc.  As you’ll notice in the Droid Life boot animation from yesterday, we simply put our series of .png files in both folders.

5.  Once you have finished being creative, replace the .png files in part0 and part1 with your new series.
6.  Highlight part0, part1, and desc.txt and then right click and choose “Add to archive…”
7.  Click the dot for “ZIP” and under compression method choose “Store.”
8.  Make sure the .zip which is created is named “”.
9.  You have now created your custom boot animation!
10.  To add this to your Droid, follow these instructions using your new

Questions or comments?  Make sure to drop any concerns you have down below so the community can provide any issues and fixes they have encountered.


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