European Milestone Receiving 2.1 Update

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Reports coming in from various sources around the world that the European Motorola Milestone is currently receiving it’s Android 2.1 update.  (Yay Europe!)  Not sure exactly what that means as Motorola has been pretty country specific in the past, but this news should have  everyone attached to Europe romping around with up to 9 screens within the next few days.

Pretty amazing that Motorola has managed to update the rest of Europe after already hitting Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong and Italy before the United States.

And to add more fuel to the Droid 2.1 delay fire, we received this tip this morning…

…was in Verizon yesterday getting a replacement Droid and I asked the manager (which I usually never do because I always seem to know more than they do about what’s going on in the world of cell phones) about the infamous 2.1 update.  To make it short and sweet he pretty much told me that the 2.1 software works fine on the phone but when it was put on Verizon’s network they were having some issues with the compatibility.  He also said that the “1,000 test users” were a hired test group by Verizon to test the software on the phones and the network.  He said he is friends with one of testers and they told him it didn’t go so well.  I may actually believe him because that would explain why other countries got it first with no problem (GSM compared to CDMA) and the reason why no one has come forward as being one of the “1,000 test users.”…

This info essentially matches our source which said that the test updates were “bricking” phones.  Been a rough couple of weeks eh?


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