ROM Manager Update Includes Stock 2.0.1

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This is sort of painful to say, but you can pretty much ditch DM Updater from here on out.  ROM Manager received another update last night, this time including a stock 2.0.1 recovery ROM meaning you can now use it to do everything.  You will need to make sure you have the premium version to use this function, so go out and drop the $3.99 and support your developers!

Update 8:56AM 3/29: Apparently you do not need the premium version to access the stock ROM.  I still recommend purchasing it to support the amazing work these guys keep putting out.

What about rooting without DM Updater?

For those of you thinking you need DM Updater to root, I’ll just clear that notion up right now by saying, “You don’t.”  You’ll probably notice that while looking to root through DM Updater, it simply asks you to reboot into recovery mode and apply an  And if you look on your SD card right now, you should still have that same file sitting there, assuming you haven’t deleted it.

If you, for whatever reason have unrooted and want to root again, simply boot to the stock recovery (power+x) and apply that same and you’ll be rooted.  And to help everyone going forward, this would be a great time to back up that to your PC for safe keeping.

Update 9:36AM 3/29: Here is the to root a stock droid:  Download Link

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!


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