Bulgaria Receiving 2.1 Milestone by March 20th

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When we reported last week that the Spanish Motorola Milestone was already running Android 2.1, it now appears as though we were semi-correct even after a flip-flop from Moto.  I finally received a response from them as to why the Spanish version would be on 2.1 before the Droid and they responded with, “Someone has to be first.”  Great answer!

In related news, the Bulgarian Milestone will drop at the end of next week with 2.1 pre-installed.  Does this mean the rest of Europe will receive it shortly thereafter?  Here is a rough/broken translation…

VIVACOM e first Bulgarian operator to run its stores smartphone Motorola MILESTONE. Telco will offer the device at the preferential price of 649.90 leva to stocks. The price is valid for the conclusion of a two-year contract for the subscription plan UniCall XL, which includes 100 hours a month talking to all operators in the country and 100 MB free traffic for surfing the Internet via mobile phone for 70 leva monthly fee. Motorola MILESTONE will be in stores network VIVACOM by March 20. It is interesting that in Bulgaria, the phone will be available with the latest version of the platform – Android 2.1. Motorola recently announced that the update will be available in the coming days, it seems, will happen before March 20.

So, no news on when we’ll receive our update and I think we’re running out of people to blame at this point.  Should the finger now be pointed at Verizon who reportedly keeps denying the updates Motorola is sending over?  Obviously other countries are finding the update to be acceptable, right?  Anyone have a frustration song or dance for the day?

(via Engadget)


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