AT&T Introduces New Unlimited Data Plan for Those With DIRECTV or U-Verse

Did you ever think Verizon or AT&T would re-introduce unlimited data to this wireless world of ours? I can’t say that I saw it coming this soon, but AT&T is the first of the two to decide that overpricing the hell out of data for years was probably unnecessary. This morning, AT&T announced the “New Unlimited Plan” for AT&T customers who also “have or add” DIRECTV or U-Verse TV. The new plan is available beginning tomorrow, January 12.

Yes, that is the important qualification here. This unlimited plan isn’t for everyone – it’s only for those who also plan to use one of AT&T’s cable services too. So as long as you already have or plan to add DIRECTV service, or AT&T U-Verse, into your monthly billing schedule, you can ignore this and move on with your day. If you do use (or plan to) one of those TV services, then read on!  (more…)

FoxFi has Stopped Working With Verizon (Updated: It’s Back!)

Update 11/24:  According to a number of our readers, plus a number of newly updated reviews on FoxFi’s Google Play listing that confirm, FoxFi is back to working on Verizon. Enjoy that unlimited data, enjoy it, friends.

I hope this isn’t the end, but it may be. FoxFi has stopped working with Verizon unlimited data plans.

According to a number of our readers and dozens more who have commented on Google Play, FoxFi, the popular tethering app that doesn’t require root and was used by many unlimited Verizon data plan subscribers, stopped working yesterday and is still not working today. Some of our readers have tried FoxFi with multiple phones, asked friends to test, and done everything else they can think of to see what the issue is, yet have come up empty.  (more…)

FYI: Verizon’s $20 Unlimited Data Increase and Device Payment Upgrades Arrive in Your Next Billing Cycle

In case you had not looked at a calendar recently, you may not have realized that November 15 has come and gone and Verizon has indeed begun increasing legacy unlimited data plans by $20 to $49.99 per month. With that unfortunate change, customers hanging onto unlimited data plans do get one partial bonus, though – the option to upgrade through a device payment plan and still keep those unlimited data plans. Before you run and upgrade or fire up your bill to see that extra $20 up-charge, understand that you may not be able to do either at this time.  (more…)

Yep, Verizon is Raising Your Unlimited Data Plan by $20 Per Month

Back at the beginning of October, sources of ours (which Verizon confirmed) informed us that unlimited data plans on Verizon would see a $20 per month price hike starting November 15. A whole bunch of you saw our report, along with the follow-up we did with additional details on who it affected, and came away (rightfully) pissed off. However, it has become clear to us within the past week that not everyone saw it, because our inbox has been pinged multiple times per day with freshly angered Verizon customers who are just now learning about the increase on the way to their monthly bill. (more…)

Verizon’s $20 Unlimited Price Hike: More Details About Who It Impacts

This morning, we reported on news that had been floating around our inbox for a good month or two, which was of a $20 price increase to Verizon’s grandfathered unlimited data plan to $49.99 per month. The news is unfortunate, of course, but also seems like something that could have happened a long, long time ago. Thanks to additional sources of ours, we now have even more details about the move and who it impacts.  (more…)