Sprint Will Now Cover All Costs When You Switch Over From Your Current Carrier

Sprint, Sprint, Sprint, I don’t know how you are ever going to make any money, but you don’t seem to care at this point. Bring over all the customers and you will figure it out later, right?

This morning, Sprint, who may or may not have given up their “3rd largest US carrier” title within the last couple of months, has another reason for you to switch from your current carrier and come to the land of WiMax…err Spark…err…Wiz Khalifa black and yellow. If you switch to Sprint from your current carrier, Sprint will reimburse all the costs associated with the move, which means your early termination fees and any remaining payments on a phone installment plan will be covered. “No matter what is owed,” the press release reads.

How does it work? Like this.  (more…)

Nexus 6 Gets Android 5.1 Update as Early as Today

Nexus 6 owners, we know you weren’t exactly ecstatic when Android 5.1 was announced and immediately became available to the Nexus 5, Nexus 10, Nexus 7 (2013), and Nexus 4 instead of your shiny new whale. I can’t say I blame you. Those devices are well over a year old and yours is the new new. Well, guess what? The update is coming! Maybe even today! That is, according to Sprint.  (more…)