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where to buy galaxy note 8

Where and When to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As you may already know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been announced and goes up for pre-order August 24 (tomorrow). If pre-ordering isn't your thing, in-store availability kicks off on September 15, with the Galaxy Note 8 available at all major US carriers,...
galaxy s8 vs galaxy note 8

Specs Comparison: Galaxy S8 and S8+ vs. Galaxy Note 8

Deciding if you should upgrade from your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ to the newly announced Galaxy Note 8? Maybe this easy-to-follow table will help you with that decision. Below, you'll find the Galaxy S8 specs vs. that of the Galaxy Note 8. You'll notice...
sprint news

Sprint: LTE+ Speeds Have Increased 28% in Seven Months

According to Sprint, its LTE+ speeds have increased dramatically over the past seven months, to the tune of 28%. In select markets, 15 to be exact, it holds the fastest download speeds available, according to recent Ookla data. As for which cities those are,...