Sprint’s Open Enrollment for Device Insurance Taking Place

For bumbling folks like me, going without phone insurance is like playing a constant game of Russian roulette – every time I drop a smartphone or tablet could result in its permanent death and untimely death. Problem is, I couldn’t obtain insurance even if I wanted to, because I never think I’ll need it at the time of purchase (even though I typically regret not purchasing it).

Sprint understands I’m not the only one in a pickle. Throughout the month of June, the carrier is allowing subscribers to enroll retroactively in the a device protection plan. Even if you chose to opt out at the time of purchase, you’re eligible to take advantage as long as your device is “functioning” and “in [your] possession.”  (more…)

Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Gets Kit Kat Update Today

Sprint and Samsung are pushing out the Kit Kat (Android 4.4.2) update to the Galaxy Note 2 starting today. If my notes (no pun) and our Kit Kat update list are correct, this is the first Note 2 from a US carrier to receive the update to 4.4. Good job, Sprint.

In the update, users will get to experience all that is new in the latest version of Android. We are talking an updated lock screen (new camera shortcut and media controls), the option to choose a default SMS app, restyled notification bar, better location management, emoji, wireless printing, and more.

The update should be available today, so head into Settings>More>System update.  (more…)

LG and Carriers Announce G3 Availability

Perhaps the most exciting part of LG’s G3 press event wasn’t the confirmation of the Snapdragon 801 processor or the laser auto focus, but the announcement of a launch window. The G3 will retail on more than 170 carriers globally, beginning May 28 in Korea. Word on US availability was unfortunately vague - the best LG PR offered was “later this summer.”

When it launches, the G3 will be available in 16GB and 32GB capacities (both have microSD slots compatible with cards up to 128GB). The differences between the models expands beyond the amount of internal storage: the 16GB model has 2GB of RAM, while the 32GB bumps the memory up to 3GB. Beyond that, though, the variations are identical. (more…)

Gold Galaxy S5 Coming to All Carriers May 30, Not Just T-Mobile

Earlier today, Samsung put out a press release for all of the “tastemakers” out there. If you tastemakers were jealous that T-Mobile was the only one getting the Band-Aid Gold Galaxy S5, today is your lucky day. Samsung announced the new colorway will be available to more people on more carriers around the globe.

On May 30, T-Mobile will not be the exclusive carrier to offer the phone. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon (through select indirect retailers), and even U.S. Cellular will be offering up the Gold Galaxy S5 option for its customers.  (more…)

Sprint Bolsters Its Total Equipment Plan With Help From Asurion

Once we get our hands on a shiny new phone or tablet, top priority is keeping it safe. Sprint is helping to keep its customers even more safe starting today, with the announcement of its upgraded Total Equipment Protection Plus plan. The addition of Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection Plus, along with a new Protect app, takes its device coverage to a new level.  (more…)

Sprint to Begin Throttling Data for Top 5 Percent of Users in Areas With “Heavy Congestion”

Softbank-owned Sprint may have the slowest LTE service in the country, but that is not stopping the carrier from implementing bandwidth throttles on some users. Sprint announced that, beginning next month, the “top 5 percent” of users in areas experiencing “heavy congestion” will see “slower-than-normal data speeds until the congestion has passed.” Customers will receive a text reminder of the new policy before it goes into effect.  (more…)