Sprint Intros Free Spam Call Screener Service, $3/Month Option for More Features (Updated: It’s an App)

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We all hate spam. To help fight it just a bit, Sprint is offering a new free service to all customers called Sprint Call Screener Basic. The service purely identifies unwanted malicious calls and permits users to block them. If you want anything more than that, you’ll need to pay.

Priced at $3/month per line on your account, Sprint Call Screener Plus brings a more feature-rich experience for the spam call blocking enthusiast. It features the ability to display details caller ID info even if the caller isn’t in your contacts (same for text messages), report numbers as spam, keep a history of blocked/risky numbers, and more.

Sprint Call Screener Plus Benefits

  • Displays caller’s name, city and state, even those not listed in contacts.
  • Shows texter’s name, even when they are not in contacts.
  • Identifies, blocks, and reports additional calls that are lower-risk, but still a nuisance.
  • Categorizes incoming calls as spam, robocalls or fraud calls.
  • Reports an individual phone number as spam.
  • Keeps history of blocked and risky numbers.

The Sprint Call Screener service is available for both Android and iOS devices, with customers able to receive a free 15-day trial of Call Screener Plus. At the end of the trial, customers will be automatically enrolled in the free Call Screener Basic program if they choose not to subscribe to the $3/month Plus service.

Enjoy, Sprint customers.

Update: Not made entirely clear in Sprint’s initial announcement, this “service” is actually an app! It’s downloadable by iOS users here, but according to Sprint’s site, it’ll come preloaded on Android phones. We’re not sure how they intend on getting the app onto phones already in the wild, but we’ll let them figure that out. If and when Sprint has a direct download available on Google Play, we’ll update this post with a link.

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