Additional Sony DSC-QX10 and QX100 Press Images Leak Ahead of Unveiling


This week, IFA kicks off in Europe, with companies such as Sony and Samsung showing off what they have in store for the holiday shoppers. The accessories that has us buzzing from Sony are the DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 camera lenses. They are Bluetooth/WiFi-powered accessories that hook right up to your smartphone, acting as powerful lenses that will turn any phone into a impromptu DSLR.  (more…)

Sony to Unveil Next-Gen Xperia Z1 Device on September 4


On September 4, Sony is set to take the stage and unveil its latest smartphone achievement, the rumored Xperia Z1 aka Honami device. We have seen leaks and rumors for the Honami for some time, but this is some of the first official looks we are getting at the device. For starters, we see that massive camera sensor along its backside, which is rumored to be 21MP, capable of shooting in 4K.  (more…)

Sony Lens G Accessory Manual Leaks, Shows Off Hardware and Functionality

This week, leaked images hit the web of an upcoming accessory for smartphones from Sony, nicknamed Lens G. According to a newly leaked user manual for the lenses, there are two models, the QX10 and QX100. The QX100 will be the more expensive of the two, featuring the same sensor that is currently found in Sony’s RX100MII, which can be found on Amazon for about $750. As for the QX10, it will feature a 18 megapixel CMOS sensor that is found in Sony’s WX150.  (more…)

Grab a New Sony Google TV Box Off of Woot! for $99 Today

Still in the market for a Google TV? Deals site Woot! is hosting a pretty good deal on the Sony NSZ-GS7, a year-old model of the company’s Google TV lineup. The boxes are new and not refurbished, still selling for around $150+ on Amazon and other e-retailers. With the box, you can access Google Play and many Android apps right from your HDTV, as well as control Netflix, Hulu and other content providers like that.  (more…)

Sony to Introduce “Lens G” Attachments, Turning Your Phone Into the Ultimate Cameraphone?


Based on newly leaked high-res photos from Sony Alpha Rumors, you won’t have to worry about the pixel wars or camera comparisons when buying your next smartphone. What you are seeing above is the Sony Lens G or “Lens Camera,” an attachable accessory for Android (and iOS) devices that brings the same sensor found in the well-liked RX100 Mark II to your smartphone. Seriously. After connecting the lens wirelessly (NFC or WiFi) to your phone, your device acts as the view finder, allowing you to take some classy selfies.  (more…)

Sony’s Honami Device Pictured With 20MP Sensor and G Lens


The Honami device from Sony has been making rounds across the web for some time, with press renders and other spec details leaking like crazy. The newest leak shows off what Sony has in store for the device’s back-facing camera. According to a leak from Vietnamese site Tinhte, the device’s camera has been pictured featuring Sony’s G Lens technology with an XX.X indicator for the megapixels.  (more…)